Review: Jovial Organic Tomatoes

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Good tomatoes make your meal memorable.

Whether it’s a lovely pasta sauce, a warming winter soup, or a spicy chili, the tomatoes you use will make or break the meal.  Bland, tasteless tomatoes leave you scrambling to add spices and salt to make up for their ineptitude.

But when you’ve got really good, sweet, freshly picked, vine-ripened tomatoes that were grown with love and care, the richness of flavor permeates everything.  Since my Italian heritage has blessed me with the skill of making delicious pasta sauces from scratch, I’ve tried more brands of canned tomatoes than you can imagine.  Some are tasty and lend their flavor well to the other ingredients whereas others barely serve a purpose beyond adding the color red to the dish.

That’s why I want to introduce to you the jarred Organic Tomatoes from Jovial Foods.  I first tried their tomatoes back in October and was highly impressed with the quality of these Italian-imported jems.  There is literally nothing else in the jars mixed with the tomatoes… no salt, no herbs, nothing.  Just tomatoes and tomato purée!  Because of this, I almost never have to add any additional thickening agent (like tomato paste) to my recipes.

It constantly impresses me how great food tastes when it’s picked fresh.  To see a beautiful montage of the tomato growing/processing story, CLICK HERE.

See, Jovial Foods takes great pride in it’s food and produces what lands on your table directly in Italy.  They even sponsor some incredible foodie traveling tours in Italy with the likes of Gluten-Free Girl Shauna Ahern and The Chef, her husband Danny!  Imagine spending a week in an 18-century villa in Tuscany with Shauna and Danny learning to cook gluten-free.  Check out their upcoming Italian getaway HERE.  OMG, how cool!

Okay, okay… back to the tomatoes!  I love the tomatoes from Jovial Foods because they are:

  • BPA-free since the tomatoes are jarred rather than canned
  • they are processed at the farm on which they grow on the day they’re harvested
  • the best-tasting  jarred tomatoes on the market, in my opinion

And here’s a couple of recipes you can use them in:

So why aren’t you eating them?  Now you can enjoy them too!!


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Tomatoes are wonderful for heart health… Happy February!

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  1. Cathy Pfalzgraff says

    My family loves spaghetti (any pasta really) and Jovial tomatoes would be a wonderful addition. It would be great to not have to worry about added gluten.

  2. Elise Varner says

    I am soooo in
    Loved with tomatoes, I use them
    In so many recipes!!! During the winter I often resort to canned tomatoes, and like this said, end up with a bland flavor I have to round out with spices and salt. These sound sooo good!! I love using tomatoes and tomato purree in chilli and soups (my favorite is a no Moroccan sweet potato soup!)

  3. Heather Moran says

    Just about a month ago I was enlighten to the fact that can tomatoes had major health risks. I haven’t bought any since then but haven’t found good jar ones yet. I can’t wait to try these! My fam of 6 love all things Italian so I would probably make a chunky sauce. Yum!

  4. Daphne says

    They’re so beautiful, I just might want to leave them sit on my kitchen counter for a great decoration piece for a while before enjoying them in the perfect recipe!!!

  5. Jasmine W. says

    I would use these Jovial tomatoes to make so many delicious meals! Including GF pasta dinners, eggplant parm, GF pizza, so much more :)

  6. says

    I love making my own pasta sauces and these tomatoes would certainly aid in making the best gluten free sauce possible. That being said, I noticed at the end after I did everything that it is only available for US residents. That sucked. :(

  7. says

    Definitely a homemade lasagna with gluten free pasta
    Salsa baby!
    Homemade turkey soup n- it’s not like mama used to make unless you add tomatoes!

  8. Carolyn Reardon says

    I would love to have these tomatoes. I love how they come in glass, so much better for you than the canned ones. Since being in the Gluten Free Sugar Cleanse classes I’ve really come to love using tomatoes in a lot of dishes.

  9. Polly Giles says

    The possibilities are endless! I’ll be eating more tomatoes/tomato based dishes off season, now! Great to know there’s a quality product like this on the market. Thank you!!

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