“What’s Wrong with the Gluten-Free Diet” with Samantha F. Grant, CN

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“What’s Wrong with the Gluten-Free Diet” with Samantha F. Grant, CN

Have you ever wondered if the Gluten-Free diet is really all that healthy?

Personally I have a lot of gripes about how it’s been presented by many out there, both from the professional and non-professional sides.  I mean… have all of your issues actually cleared up or are they still lingering… are there new issues that keep popping up?  Weren’t you thinking that the diet should have corrected much of the troubles?

One would think!

But that’s not actually the case.  It turns out that the missing pieces no one tells you about can leave you with more health problems than you ever bargained for.

In this interview, Samantha dishes on her experience and problems with the Standard American Gluten-Free Diet (as I like to call it), hormone problems and the question of whether you can end up with nutritional deficiencies eating gluten-free.  Her responses flies in the face of pretty much every article out there and makes complete sense.

I can’t wait to hear what’s your favorite, eye-opening points that we talk about!

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