“Gluten & Your Hormones” Master Class with Samantha F. Grant, CN

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“Gluten & Your Hormones” Master Class with Samantha F. Grant, CN

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Gluten and your hormones ARE directly connected which is why certified nutritionist Samantha F. Grant has a lot to talk about these days.  As a hormone and metabolic correction expert, she has ended up directly many of her patients toward a gluten-free diet.  She’s got her own unique spin on the topic and offers up a lot of incredibly insightful information on the tie between gluten and thyroid problems (ie. Hashimoto’s Disease) as well as problems with corn, other gluten-free grains and dairy.

Samantha offers various testing options for her clients which she sees by phone, email or in person that can help you determine what might need to be tweaked or removed nutritionally and hormonally.  I should know as I’m a former client of Samantha’s – helping me determine my food allergies after long last.

Without further adieu, here’s the interview!

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  1. Susan Mayes says

    I have been gluten free for almost twenty years. The interview with Samantha Grant is by far the best comprehensive analysis on the subject . Thank you both for sharing and enlightening.

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