About Gluten Free School

Gluten Free School is a dedicated teaching gluten-sensitive women simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy.  This is the number one spot for those living a gluten free life seeking community, simple & clear information about their condition, and ways to become empowered and finally feel better. Based off of the personal journey of founder Jennifer Fugo, Gluten Free School is more than just about a diet… it’s a revolution!

All programing is offered ONLINE so that anyone anywhere in the world can easily access it.  Jennifer hosts the Gluten Free School podcast twice a month bringing in experts in their respective fields to share on how our community can improve their health and keep feeling better.  Articles, recipes and reviews are also available to make your life that much easier!

About Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School, a website dedicated to teaching gluten-sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy.

She’s a certified Health Coach named a “Gluten Free Guru” by Philadelphia Magazine who hosts the popular “Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse” to empower gluten-free women to take control of their diet, feel great and kick their sugar habit.

Jennifer is a sought-after expert about healthy, gluten-free living as well as a speaker who has been featured on Doctor Oz, Yahoo! News, eHow, CNN, Huffington Post andPhiladelphia Magazine. (Click HERE to see where she pops up in the press!)

She hosts the popular “Gluten Free School Podcast” to share eye-opening health information vital to living a gluten-free life. Her first book, “The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank” is now available.

Honors, Speaking & Collaborations

Jennifer is a board member of The Rachel’s Way Food Pantry, dedicated to serving those who must eat gluten-free and dairy-free diets, but struggle to do so because of the cost. The pantry is located in Plymouth Meeting, PA and open to anyone in true need of help.


  • Healing Hashimoto’s 2017 Summit – Speaker/Expert
  • SIBO SOS 2 Summit – Speaker/Expert
  • Women’s Vitality Summit – Speaker/Expert
  • Honored as one of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition’s Top 31 Health Podcasts
  • Honored as a “Top Health Influencer” in 2017 by Pink Fortitude






  • #8 on Dr. Mark Hyman‘s Top 12 Must-Follow Facebook pages
  • Amazon Best-Selling Author in the Gluten-Free, Food Allergies and Allergies Categories
  • 2014 Natural Products Expo East Speaker for Retailer’s Workshop
  • Host of the Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit 2014
  • Williams-Sonoma (King of Prussia Mall) Booking Signing & Cooking Demo
  • Williams-Sonoma (The Bellevue) Booking Signing & Cooking Demo
  • Gluten-Free Food Fair – Headline Speaker & Chef (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Fearless Parent Food Event – Featured Panelist (Cranford, NJ)
  • GIG of Southeastern PA – Speaker (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Paleo f(x) Annual Conference – Speaker/Panelist (Austin, TX)
  • Gluten-Free for Life Expo – Lecturer (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Gluten & Allergen-Free Wellness Expo – Lecturer (Raleigh, NC)
  • Health Warrior Summit – Featured Speaker
  • Gluten & Allergen-Free Wellness Expo – Lecturer (Austin, TX)
  • GlutenAway Gluten-Free Online Expo – Featured Speaker (Oct. 2014 event)
  • BODY TALK World Health Summit – Featured Speaker
  • Ultimate Women’s Health Summit – Featured Speaker
  • So Delicious Brand Inspirer for Gluten-Free Diets



  • So Delicious Brand Ambassador for Gluten-Free Diets
  • Philadelphia Magazine “Be Well Philly Bootcamp” Gluten-Free Panelist
  • Gluten & Allergen-Free Expo Lecturer (Secuacus, NJ)
  • Truce with Food program – Guest Teacher
  • “Guest Chef” teaching a class in the Primal Cooking Online Workshop series


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Jennifer’s Personal Story

Unable to wake up in the morning (even after 9 hours of sleep), Jennifer felt exhausted all dayand popped Tylenol trying to manage constant headaches. Her digestive system was a mess (think constant gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation) and she’d gained almost 20 lbsdespite hitting the gym four times a week.

In early 2008, Jennifer received news that changed her life- what she was eating was making her sick! Gluten, casein (found in dairy), and eggs were a big part of the problem. She spent the next year navigating through the vast obstacle course of conflicting information and confusing advice in order to successfully master her eating. Now she’s got a great social life, cooks confidently, and travels freely.

In the process of eliminating these foods, she lost nearly 20 lbs of inflammation weight, calmed her digestive system, cleared up her skin, and triumphed over the headaches. Plus, she readily acknowledges to feeling energized all day without any caffeine.  Her journey is one that she now shares with others to get them on track and feeling their best!

As Seen On

Z Living TV
Living without Gluten Free More Magazine
Paleo Magazine
Dr. Oz
Philadelphia Magazine

The perfect marriage between nutritional coaching and chatting with your best friend. Jennifer’s way of teaching people about eating healthfully is the perfect marriage between nutritional coaching and chatting with your best friend. Her down-to-earth personality and willingness to share her personal health hurdles makes changing the way you think about food feel like you have a true comrade along for the ride.

Caroline Shannon-Karasik
Author & recipe creator at The G-Spot Revolution.com

I was instructed by my doctors to become gluten free… I was totally lost! Jennifer Fugo truly IS the gluten-free guru! At NibMor, we do everything gluten free so that consumers with this sensitivity can enjoy our product. Making our product lines gluten free was a no brainer for us, even though no one at the company was gluten free at the time.

Recently due to a health concern, I was instructed by my doctors to become gluten free to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. Other than my own product, I was totally lost!

Jen happily provided me with a wealth of information (believe it or not- just cause it says gluten free does not mean you can eat a boat load of it!). She gave me the tools I needed to start my journey and I am eternally grateful. Though I still have so much to learn for myself and my company, Jennifer Fugo is the expert I look to for all my gluten free know-how. Thanks, Jen, for a job well done and your willingness to provide information and resources to companies and each individual you deal with daily.

Heather K. Terry
co-founder of NibMor Chocolates

If you are looking for an integrated approach to nutrition, Jennifer is the right fit! Jennifer came along at the right time in my life. We focused on creating an eating plan that fit into my schedule that was not overwhelming. I learned how to prepare foods to provide the right energy at the right times, whether I am recovering from a workout or preparing a meal mid-week.

I definitely received the support and encouragement I needed to experiment more in the kitchen, and ‘play’ with my desires to remove dairy and gluten from my diet. Plus, I experimented with and tried more fruits and vegetables than I had in 10 years!

Sylvia, Philadelphia PA
Financial Consultant & Triathlete

Jennifer is THE person to turn to offering a wealth of knowledge on your healthy gluten free journey. When switching to a gluten free diet, it is crucial to have the help of an expert. Jennifer is THE person you want to turn to. She offers a wealth of knowledge to help guide you on your healthy gluten free journey. At Purely Elizabeth, all of our products our certified gluten free and we love turning to Jennifer to offer tips and recipes to our customers.

Elizabeth Stein
Founder, Purely Elizabeth

I simply FEEL better in a way I never would have expected, lost weight and feel less bloated. Since going gluten-free, I have discovered what it feels like to have lasting energy throughout the day! I’ve decreased my uncomfortable digestive problems and increased my alertness at work. I simply FEEL better in a way I never would have expected, lost weight and feel less bloated. At first, I thought gluten-free was simply a fad diet that I would never be able to maintain, but with Jennifer’s help, I have discovered how easy a gluten-free lifestyle can be and how essential an anti-inflammatory diet can be to both my short and long term health.

I would highly recommend Jennifer’s services as she’s wonderfully compassionate, easy to work with & extremely knowledgeable about a variety of health topics beyond those relating to a gluten-free diet. I felt at-ease and completely trusting when speaking with her about sensitive (and sometimes personal) health issues. By working with her, I was better able to understand what gluten is, how if effects me individually, and what steps I can take to incorporate a gluten-free diet into my somewhat hectic lifestyle. All in all, Jennifer’s advice is priceless!

Mary Jane Frisbee
Wellness Blogger

I’ve been gluten-free for almost three weeks now! WOOT! Feeling pretty good. With weight training, bike riding, and good eating, I’ve steadily dropped a pound and a bit per week. I’ll be making some changes to my diet for weight loss purposes, so I expect that to accelerate. I’m definitely enjoying a LACK of stomach issues – cramps, bloat, and general ick. Thanks so much Jen for your encouragement and information in this area. It’s making life SO much better!

Writer, Photographer & World Traveler