Review: Late July Organic Chips

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The top 2 reasons that clients and myself love an occasional chip is because of the crunch and salt.  However the lone combination can leave you eating super-duper junk food that even those special events can’t justify.

That’s why I’ve come to love Late July Organic Chips.  I’m not saying I eat them every day (always remember moderation my dear friends), but when I do pick up some chips, this is the brand that I buy.  The reason?  Well there’s a few…

For starters, Late July actually makes a nice, legitimately sturdy, incredibly crunchy and satisfying chip.  They don’t break when you try dipping ‘em in guac or hummus and they hold up really well with salsa.  Plus, they’re hardy and incredibly tasty.  Every single flavor I and my GFS panel taste-tested (Sea Salt Seashore, Summertime Blues, Mild Green Mojo and Dude Ranch) knocked our socks off, leaving us each saying “wow, these are really good!”

Every flavor is as tasty as the next and doesn’t even need a compliment to fully enjoy them!  These chips all stand on their own as a complete snack experience!  Though I’m bummed I somehow missed out on checking out their newest flavor (Sweet Potato), I’m sure it shall cross my path soon enough.

1) They’re USDA-Certified, non-GMO, Organic corn chips which matters a whole heck of a lot considering that most conventional (non-organic) corn is genetically modified to produce BT toxin to keep it from being eaten by bugs.

2) These chips are Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Peanut & Tree Nut Free… perfect!

3) Sea salt is their salt of choice rather than processed table salt.

4) Multi-grain chips in this case literally mean multi-gluten-free grain… touchdown!

5) Late July as a company has a real heart and soul thanks to the Co-Founder & CEO Nicole Bernard Dawes.  10% of the profits from these chips goes to the American Camp Association to give kids scholarships for a summer away at camp to see nature at it’s best.

So as the summer slowly (or quickly depending on where you live) sets in this year, look for Late July Organic Chips.  You’ll probably see them in more places than you realize (I saw them coming home from LA on a US Airways flight on the snack cart.) since it seems that the company and it’s message are hitting home.  They’ll be a total hit at your next party, BBQ or gather – I promise!

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  1. meaghan says

    Get the “blue” chips on Jet Blue! I love them and they are safe for my kids with severe food allergies :)

  2. Dorna says

    I LOVE these chips!! I found them completely by accident and thought I should try them out!! So far I’m head over heels in love with the Mild Green Mojo!! Great crunch, just enough salt and flavorful!! I’m looking for alternatives to wheat and potato products and this has hit the bullseye!! Off to the store to get more Mojo and try Seashore and Dude Ranceh!! The names are too cute as well!

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